When I first heard the song Old #7 I was instantly drawn in. Maybe it was my fondness of Tennessee whiskey or the fact that Lucia was like watching a female Elvis when she played the bass. After years of seeing DM3 all over the west coast I was honored to have to chance to feature Cooper on our site. Cargo was the venue that hosted DM3 on a Saturday night in August. We loaded up the car with a generous gift from our friends at Lagunitas and headed to Reno. Hot August nights was also

 going down the same night. With the roar of old school hot rods we got our pre show drink on as the parade of classic cars strolled down Virgina Street in downtown Reno. Cargo at the Whitney Peak Hotel is a great venue. The show was sold out and the line streched far around the corner to get in. Since the release of "Stranger" DM3 has been on the road steady for 2 years straight. Cooper describes life on the road as kind of a submarine jail. With the last few legs of the tour remaining he sounds glad to be going home soon to mow the lawn, walk the dog relax. The Devil Makes Three is a well oiled machine in high demand globaly.