As a avid lover of funk, rock and soul I was immediately drawn to the sound of The Main Squeeze. Every year High Sierra Music Festival features twenty percent new artists in their line up. For the lucky fans that attend, they will continue to discover great new music every year. The Main Squeeze members are five guys from all over the country that descended on Bloomington, Indiana. In 2009 the band formed when Ben and Max met at summer camp. One year later, singer Corey Frye joined the band and the Main Squeeze was born. 

 Fresh off the Grateful Dead show in Santa Clara, California, the band boarded their bus for the scenic ride up the mountain to Quincy, CA. Guitar player Max Newman shreds hard evoking shades of the great Jimi Hendrix. They played a late night show at Funk House Jam and jammed another day time performance for the lively Vaudeville tent. Their set funked, rocked and worked the crowd into a frenzy with a jaw dropping rendition of a Stevie Wonder cover ?Higher Ground?. Look for their new album dropping soon called "Mind Your Head" produced by Randy Jackson.