Rock and roll lives. I've seen many acts in my life on stage going full throttle and giving 120 percent for the fans that show to up to support their rock heroes. In the spirit of John Bonham, Clyde Stubblefield, RUN DMC, Tom Waits, and even the king himself Elvis, Daru Jones ranks among the best to ever do it. Never have I witnessed such power, grace, funky, hard-hitting, smashes and crashes done sitting or standing. DJ commands the stage as Jack Whites keeper of the rock and roll time. The intensity Jack White plays at is very high. Daru and Jacks flawless bands play sounds powerfully surreal. 

  Loud screaming blues riffs with thundering bass and tom rolls had my ears ringing in the best way possible. Jamming with many great musicians over his career White has truly met his match with Daru Jones. With a ferocity to match Whites guitar Jones explodes off the kit like a mad man. Always on time and thundering off his drum stool for much of the show. Darus style fuels White like a rock music fiend who has found his fix and it shows.     San Fransisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium played host to Jack White for two days. From the hotel room I could see the line for the show beginning to wrap all the way down Larkin Street. I walk out on the busy downtown city street and start chatting with some fans from Canada that traveled all the way down for the show. As we walk into press check in, I inform them we have a scheduled interview with Mr. Jones. Five minutes later we are walking back to VIP to wait for Daru to meet us. Beth and I waited for a minute and stayed quite as Daru Jones arrived to meet with us. We rocked out for two nights in downtown S.F. We would like to thank Daru Jones for his time, but most of all his great kindness. Even Tom Waits came out the first night and hand-picked Jack White's white button up shirt. The following night Lars Ulrich from Metallica showed up to support Daru. DJ you are an extraordinary talent behind the kit. You are super naturally gifted. We look forward to hearing all your upcoming work. Much love to Jack White and his band. Rest In Peace Isaiah Ikey Owens.