For the past 20 years, folks have been lucky enough to have great music delivered to their quaint mountain town of Quincy, CA. Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this small town welcomes thousands of music fans every July for HSMF. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the beloved festival. For over two decades, fans have been watching their favorite bands being blessed with the new offerings of many new acts. To me, Quincy California is



 just over the mountain from my home. I've been fortunate enough to see my all time favorite musicians, as well as discover many more. In just one night, 3 years ago, I watched Ryan Bingham, Devil Makes Three, and Ben Harper in that order. I stood at the main stage for 6 straight hours listening to the songs of my heroes. All that inspiration had to go somewhere, and 10 Minutes With is definitely an orgainc off-shoot of High Sierra Music Festival. David Margulies talked with us about how he got involved in co-producing the festival as well as securing the talent to fill every great line up for the past 20 years.