Aftershock Music Festival Oct 2016. As we arrive to the the largest festival we have ever covered. I stopped to think about what it would actually be like as an artist like to play such a great festival. Fans travel from large stage to large stage seeing their favorite acts in metal. This year Aftershock hosted roughly 100,000 fans over a 2 day period in Sacramento California.
Knowing we were interviewing Jesse Hughes of EODM I felt calm. For years we’ve been big fans of his & of Mr. Josh Homme & Queens of the Stone Age.

     As we walked by the massive empty stage en route to the media I tent, Gibson Ranch welcomed us. The green hills, the perfect October Sacramento weather, and California blue sky was a metal heads dream. A rock and roll heaven. We spoke to Jesse about his upcoming tour in Europe, his first musical memory, the importance of a great records, but even more vital the live show that follows. The spirit of rock and roll is strong with the one they call Boots Electric.