About two years ago, my friend Baldo told me his band Drinking With Clowns was opening for Forrest Day in Carson City, Nevada. After a quick google search, I was watching a video of a band I'd never heard. "River Rat" was the song. Hearing those infectious grooves, the smooth bass driven sound of Forrest's voice, and his hip-hop delivery that is distinctly original made me an instant fan. As I delved further into Forrest Day's library, I found myself drawn deeper into soulful tracks like "Its Just Me", "Voices","Baby Shoe",and "About Time".  

   Our website launched in November 2014, and since then I've been driven to speak with Forrest Day. Last month I searched Forrest Day tour online only to read that their next show was just over the hill from me in Quincy, CA. I quicky reached out to all my friends and we were ready to mob over the mountain to see a show. About 30 minutes before departing to Quincy, I checked my Facebook page and read Forrest Day's van had broken down in Tahoe and the show in Quincy was cancelled. My friend Bruce immediatley called the Main Street Bar in Quincy to inform them of the breakdown. 20 minutes later we got a message back from Forrest saying the show was on and the bar owner, Karen was sending a calvarly to rescue the band. That night Forrest and his band played for over two hours to a intimate sized crowd. We had a blast at the show partying till 4am with the band, Karen, and a few fans. By this time we were all pretty buzzed up and I was in no shape to conduct my interview, then Forrst asked "You giving up on our interview" as he put his arm around me and leaned his entire weight on me. I replied "Naw man. I understand you guys had a long adventerous night and you need this time to unwind." "Let's do the interview on the dance floor," he joked and I smiled "I'm down. Now worries man we can do it at a future show." I told him. Three weeks later, we traveled down to Santa Cruz to see their show at the Catylist. We set up back stage and brought along a little mountain moonshine. Forrest spoke with us about his future plans, the Bay Area, the van, his new upcoming album and assures me that this is the best work he has ever done. "Glad you could take a little time to sit down with us" I said. Forrest laughs and replies "Ya, no problem I owe you one." Much love to Forrest Day, Terrell Liedstrand, Nick Wyner, and Chris Carlos. RIP Princess.