Being born with amazing genes ain't enough these days. With boots bigger than than Alabama to fill 3 works his ass off for all his hellbilly and hellbetty fans. From the pre show meeting with venue staff and bouncers 3 is prepping for his normal 4 hour concert of classic Hank 3 hits followed by an unprecedented 2 hour doom/death metal hardcore fresh with outlaw bank robber masks and donned in 



Gwar inspired spiked shoulder pads. After 4 hours of country and metal 3 hops off stage into the crowd to shake every hand of every fan physically strong enough to last the whole 4 hours. "How do you stay so humble man?" we ask. "It's just my job man" he replies. As we chat with David McElfish (fiddle,heavy metal guitar) and Daniel Mason a banjo badass) "What's the first thing you gonna do when you get home?" I ask Daniel. "Jump in bed and take a nap with my dog" Daniel replies in the most sincere country manner. I peak around at the bus. In the very back of the bus is 3 loading the very last piece of gear into the truck. Hank 3 is a rebel with the driven work ethic from years on the road showing people that he is one of a kind. A modern day country hero and lover of metal with a rock and roll spirit. "What was your favorite moonshine?" we ask. "Peach clear back in the days was a good one" Hank 3 replies.