A friend of mine Geoffrey Richardson told me he was going to apunk/metal/reggae show. Being a lover of all of those, I was down to roll. Douglas ally was our pre game beer drinking spot located near the Knitting Factory in Reno before the show. HED PE was the headliner and from that day forward I was a fan. Mosh pits mixed with reggae, my idea of a good time. Fast forward to January 22 2015, we arrive to interview Jackson Benge. Entering Douglas Ally, we walk pass the tour buses and catch a sweet aroma of California trees. Setting up our gear upstairs we chose a 

   a simple dark corner of the club. We spoke with Jackson about HED PE's latest tour, his first solo, female guitar players, Randy Rhoads, new album Evolution, jamming in Europe, and the greatest guitar riff ever written. Jackson spoke smoothly and politely about the one hour on stage that makes it all worth it. Their 9th studio album is out now on Pavement Records and packs a punch with tracks like "No Turning Back", "Lost in Babylon", and "Let it Rain". The crowd in Reno showed up ready to rock on this Thursday with me being one of them. They rocked the crowd into a smashing mosh pit and Jahred's son Zion even shared some stage time as the crowd chanted "Legos!Legos!Legos!" As the Earth continues to change and evolve, the band does as well in the most positive influential way. Showing they rock hard as hell, HED PE is a positive movement of music for all their current fans and new ones to come. Much love to HED PE, Jackson Benge and Shauna. YOU ROCK!.