It was 2016 WinterWondergrass Tahoe festival and we had just wrapped up an interview with cool Fruition crooner Kellan Asebroek. After the interview, he informed us to go check his friends band John Stickley Trio. We marched over and were immediately enamored by the sound. Lindsay Pruett is an absolute force on the fiddle. She blends all styles of classical riffs with every other type of music you can imagine. She is the main vocalist in fiddle form. We jammed 

that whole set and when we were informed they were playing High Sierra Music Festival 2018 we were stoked. The heat was nice with a breezy wind blowing through Vaudeville tent on a Friday afternoon. The crowd danced their afternoon away and we had a blast rocking with the band. With inspiration ranging from from Green Day to Duran Duran to Tony Rice to Nirvana, Grateful Dead, David Grisman and beyond, the Trio is making waves with their unique sound. Along with releasing two full length albums and one EP in the past few years, the Trio has zig-zagged the nation, playing over 120 dates in 2017 alone. They are road tested and band geek approved! Stickley says, “The Trio feels fresher and hotter than ever, we’ve hit our stride in terms of creating tunes that are uniquely us and that’s a really exciting place to be musically. Not to mention we are so stoked to get back to many of our favorite festivals and clubs, and even more excited to play some the ones we’ve always dreamed of. 2018 will, without a doubt, be our best year yet!”

Jon Stickley Trio