5pm on a Wednesday and my phone rings. It's a southern California number I don't recognize. "Hello" I answer. "Hey whats up its Steve from Suicidal. I put your name plus 1 on the list for an interview with Mike." I hang up the phone throw my cameras in the a bag and convince my friend Rob Hazelton to tag along. After a stop at my boy Baldo's in Reno we are 10 minutes from the venue. Downtown looks a bit dead, 

  dead but Douglas alley is always teaming with action. The biggest little city in the world plays host to a world renown punk/metal band Suicidal Tendencies. As we step on the bus I feel totally unprepared. I was only 5 years old when ST dropped their first LP. As soon as a I shook Mike Muir's hand I felt calm. He's a tough looking man who looks like he just hopped off a chopper ready to rock. Trademark badana worn just above his eyes. His words were smooth and strong as we spoke of family and life on the road. "Ulimately what do you want to be? Do you wanna be liked? or do you wanna like your yourself" That's the question people should ask when they're young."