by Benjah Brown 

  Hangtown has always held as special place in our hearts. It is so much like High Sierra only not so spread out. The weather in Placerville is always perfect in October. 2017 line up was indeed a stacked one and we had a blast covering the festival this year. 

  The first time I met Lukas and his band was at High Sierra Music Festival about 5 years ago. We were all backstage and 

I began to chat with singer David Hinds of Steel Pulse. After chatting for a while he informed me that they had come in dry and were in need of some smoke. Just then a young man wondered over and offered his help. His name was Anthony LoGerfo. 10 minutes later another young man with long blonde hair made his way over to us and were all smoking and talking about how much we loved Steel Pulse. That young man was none other than Lukas Nelson. He and his drummer were super kind. 

   Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real have been on quite a ride in last 5 years. They were chosen by the legendary Neil Young as his backing band and toured the U.S. and Europe. Lukas has a new album out with his father and brother called "Willie and the Boys" as well as a new movie starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper called "A Star is Born". He was raised around legends and still remains very grounded. A kind young man with polite words. His skills on the guitar are impressive. He is a true blues guitar player who pulls out all the stops and even shreds with his teeth. We talked about how he came up as a kid, some advice his father gave him and what it's like to play in a traveling circus. Much love to Lukas, his band, and Hangtown Music Festival for the amazing experience. See you next year!!!!