In 1994 I was a freshman in High School. That same year an album called Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik came out. It changed my whole perspective on music and hip hop. Everything about Outkasts style, delivery, and originality drove me to listen everything they did. During this time I first heard Dungeon Family and Killer Mike. I've been a fan ever since and was stoked to sit down with these two incredible MCs. Of all the publications covering the festival we were the only media outlet granted a video interview. I had some nice pre 

rolls twisted up. Some super nice Og Kush. As we walked toward backstage to conduct the interview I had Bonecrushers I aint never scared playing in my head. Killer Mike and El-P were super gracious and very sharp minded individuals. Their music is hip hop roots. Scorching lyrics mixed with those super sick EL-P bangers. It has everyone head banging. The metal crowd was hyped. The music was hard. 808s hitting on those massive speakers rattled my ear plugs. El-P versus and beats are straight fire. The ether that is Killer Mike is a pure art form. While most rappers play clubs from city to city, Mike and El-P are rocking massive festival stages across the globe. Much love to Danny Wimmer Presents, Clay, and Aftershock for everything! See you next year!!!!!!