Living in the high northern California area, affords me the great blessing of a few hour drive to the lush state of Oregon. Since 2002, I've been making routine trips to Portland, Eugene, and Ashland to hear my favorite band in the world Floater. When I received the word from the High Sierra Music Festival gods I needed to head to Portland, Oregon to interview Scott Pemberton I was stoked. The drive was zen. 8 albums and a few js and I was in Portland.

   The Star Theater in downtown Portalnd played host to Scott Pemberton. Being born and raised there, Scott decribes the music scene as a teen that really shaped his musical path. Playing in various bands around town, him and his crew got to share the same stage as the likes of Nirvana, The Melivins, and many others. One of my favorite guitar players of all time would love what Scott does. All though Jimmy Hendrix may be gone, Scott keeps his riffs alive and screaming when they cover "Foxy Lady". Scott Pemberton has transformed the guitar. He playes the guitar in so many poses and syles. His tone roars out of his amps with clean funk, heavy grungy timber rock and laser quick smooth jazz. There is nobody in the world playing the guitar the way Scott Pemberton does.