September Mourning is the brainchild of Emily Lazar and Mark Silvestri. In 2009 her trans media project began and a comic book character was born. Her fans, or children of fate as she likes to call them, are steadily growing daily. Her influence was the Beatles, Jazz New Wave, Bowie, death metal, Alice Cooper and anything theatrical. Her comic book character September morning is a human/reaper hybrid. The main theme of the comic book is to lift those

tourtered souls up and out of darkness. She considers herself a Valkyrie of humanity. The antagonist being fate and the protagonist September. Many start a band for the pure love of jamming. Emily Lazar has grown her vision for her project into a full fledged comic book as well as a hard hitting theatrical supporting act for the dark prince Marilyn Manson. Aftershock 2015 had a lot of heavy hitters. September Mourning and her bandmates started off the day right with their dark, heavy blend of the melodic metal. Her voice mixed with nails in her throat screaming with highly tuned harmonies. Today you can't just play in a band. You have to be different. What Emily is doing with her September Mourning project is truly unique and we look forward to all her future projects.