Signed by the legendary Sublime at 17, Miles always looked up to a pioneering Bradley Nowell. He grew up across the street from his best friend Kyle. Since the two were very young they were running around tearing up the neighborhood. “We are pretty much brothers from another mother” replies Miles.
      Fast forward 20 years, and the two founding members of Slightly Stoopid are still tearing up the world. The shows go off all year as the band tours the US and continues its global push. Their sound blends reggae, punk, rock, ska, and at times hip hop.

   Miles chatted with us about his recent addition to the family, Closer to the Sun Festival, Stoopid Heads, and reminisces about playing with Bradley back where it all began. Big up to the band Slightly Stoopid and Miles for talking time to chat with us.

Full Interview Coming Soon!