Summer festival season always leaves us craving more. In the summer of 2016 that led us to our first Lost Sierra Hoedown. It is only minutes from our hometown High Sierra Music Festival. The location of the festival, is high upon the mountain where Johnsville Ski Bowl used to operate. As we arrived and slowly wound our way up the hill cars lined the mountain side. This quaint fest only sells about 500 tickets per year. The high quality of music and intimate vibe quickly captured our hearts.   

    I've always been a huge fan of the singer/songwriter. You have to brave to take the stage armed with only your words and your guitar. Speaking to Willy Tea and discovering we had a connection to Susanville was really cool. Hearing him live with his 4 string tenor guitar was very inspirational. He is a magical human being, who with his calm classic deameanor, will continue to captivate audiences. His truthfully strong words cut hard and that honesty resonates everywhere he goes. After hanging, drinking, and singing songs late into the night, its a great pleasure to call him friend.