When I received the email that we were chosen by Xavier Rudd?s publicist for an interview I was honored. I had been a fan for a long time. When Xavier Rudd opened for Ben Harper was the first time I had heard his unique style of music. From playing a full drum kit along with his didgeridoo, to playing with his very colorful United Nations band his work is simply amazing. His advice to kids nowdays was tp simply  listen. Less talk more listening.

   I knew he would be a down to earth cat, but his simple words delivered much more to our talk and experience. They way Xavier connects in simple conversation about his first memory of music, surfing, his band, and traveling to world will forever inspire me. The manner in which he spoke of energetic pushes from our mother earth when riding waves and how that transferred into music inspiration really resonated with me. He travels all over the world promoting love and compassion for where we come from. Mother earth. His new album Nanna is out now and is packed with Xavier Rudd style reggae and world feels.