Summer of 2013, we arrive at the Vaudville Tent at High Sierra Music Festival to see the California Honeydrops for my first time. The weather was hot and sunny and the crowd packed underneath the shaded tent to escape the sun. We made our way up front to our usual spot stage right. As the band started playing the energy in the air was building. Their smooth interaction with the crowd and New Orleans feel began to engulf the fans in the tent. I was  

feeling like the New Orleans spirit made its way into the crowds heart and soul. About three quarters of the way through the show, Lech instructed the crowd that it was time for a freakout session. He split the crowd in half and told us we were going to have a competetion to see who could go the craziest. My side of the crowd took off as soon as the music started and people started going wild dancing and jumping like crazy to the beat. Then the music stopped and the other section of the crowd got their chance. Being motivated by our moves, they went even crazier. The music stopped and we all caught our breath. By this time, the whole crowd was at a peak level and the music started again. We all went wild and dust began to fill the tent from the stomping of our feet. The California Honeydrops stirred the crowd into a massive frenzy. I was a fan from that day forward. They routinely marched out into the crown for a New Orleans style jazz march that traveled out and through the crowd and all the way back onstage. They are hands down the funnest band around. The way they include the crowd in every performance is unique to say the least. Musical lovers of any genre would have the time of their lives at this show.